Raw Diet!

We recently changed Kobe's diet to raw food, and I must say we are HUGE fans for multiple reasons.

Prior to raw food, we were feeding Kobe various brands of dry kibble (Fromm) and Dr. Harvey's fresh food for dogs. For awhile, Kobe really liked Dr. Harvey's, but then I could tell he got really bored with it. He stopped eating it altogether, so we went back to dry kibble, which I could tell he had NO appetite for. Who could blame him? Dry kibble probably tastes like cardboard, if you really think about it. We even tried adding wet canned food to his kibble, but it would upset his stomach.

After a couple recommendations, we decided to make the switch to raw food. It's been about a month, and this is the ONLY food that Kobe eats hungrily. When I set it down, he gobbles it right up. He just LOVES it. We're so happy we made the switch. We get the frozen patties in beef flavor, also surf & turf is a favorite of his.

Here are some helpful links I found online for anyone considering the switch in their pup's diet:



*Do any of you feed your pup a raw diet? If so, what are your thoughts?

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  1. My peep wants to switch Floyd and I to a raw food diet, but isn't really sure where to start...