Lake Michigan

Kobe and I went for a walk on Lake Michigan a couple days ago, and he's been getting so lazy on our walks!

We'll be walking for about 30 minutes, then once he sees a patch of grass, he plops right down and refuses to get up and continue on our walk! It's actually really funny, but not helping me with my exercise ;)

It's fun to see all of the boats on and around the harbor. Certainly feels like summer is here. Even though it's about 60 degrees in Chicago today! :/


Memorial Day!

Our Memorial Day consisted of spending time with friends, and having Kobe make some new friends! Luckily the weather has been fantastic! We couldn't have asked for a better way to kick off our summer in the city!

We had a couple of our friends come by on Monday with their cock-a-poo, Sammi. They happened to get Sammi from the same breeder as Kobe, so I guess you can say they're cousins! Sammi is a 2 year old female cock-a-poo, and of course she was as sweet as can be!

They came over in the afternoon, and we went for a walk to Navy Pier where we planned to spend our day.
But not without making a quick stop for some frozen yogurt for the pups (as it was well over 90 degrees!) And they ate it right up as expected :)

On our walk to Navy Pier, we all tried to figure out what we wanted to do once we got there.  Sammi had been on a boat before, but Kobe hadn't, so we thought it'd be a fun idea to take a bout tour over Lake Michigan. Seadog Architectural tours are dog-friendly! It couldn't of worked out more perfect. We bought our tickets and waited in line to get on the boat:

I had to admit I was pretty nervous about having Kobe get on the boat because he had just drank a ton of water and finished his yogurt, so I was afraid he'd get sea sick. 

NOPE! Look at this little guy - as happy as can be!

Once we were done with the tour, mom and dad were pretty happy with the outcome :)

And so was our little guy:

Overall, our Memorial Day was perfect! Hope your day was great as well! 


Happy Friday!

Kobe wants to wish everyone a Happy Friday and safe Memorial Day weekend! :-)


The Art Institute of Chicago

Prior to running into hundreds of protesters on Sunday, Kobe and I walked past the Art Institute of Chicago and to my surprise, he marched right on up the stairs to the front doors and sat down with his tongue hanging out. I didn't even have to ask him to sit or pose he was already willing to do it - the cutest thing ever.

I've never been to the Art Institute of Chicago, and it's by no means a dog-friendly location, but it was fun to take pics on their front steps.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! Memorial Day weekend is almost here!


NATO Summit...and Kobe!

Chicago hosted the NATO Summit this past weekend (Sun-Mon) and as Kobe and I went on a walk down Michigan Ave, we ran right into hundreds of people in Grant Park rallying and getting ready to go on a march towards McCormick Place.

I thought there would be more people coming down from everything I heard on the news, and my office building even closed for the day on Monday, but I really didn't see too many people.

There were cops EVERYWHERE we went, which was a good thing because it's better to have too much security, than not enough.

I took a picture of the protesters in Grant Park and a picture of Kobe (who was ready to fall over from the heat!) It was an interesting weekend seeing and hearing what everyone was protesting about. Something different, that's for sure!


Preview of Summertime Chicago!

The weather was absolutely beautiful today in Chicago! High of about 85, and not a single cloud in the sky. Kobe and I went on a long tour in the morning in the Logan Square neighborhood. It was the perfect day & he was so happy to be home so he can nap all afternoon. All in all, great day!


Beautiful Spring Morning at Butler Field

Every morning I take Kobe out for about an hour so I can wear him out, and he just ends up sleeping all day! We either go to the dog park so he can play with this friends, or we take a walk downtown.

This morning we decided to go towards Butler Field since it was a beautiful morning here in Chicago. The NATO Summit is taking place this weekend, so all hell is about to break loose, so we decided to take advantage of this quiet & pretty morning.

Kobe saw a crow on our walk and I swear if he didn't have his leash on he would've charged directly at it! Not a good idea considering Lake Shore Dr traffic was directly behind us.

So happy it's FRIDAY!! :-)


Yappy Hour - W Hotel

Kobe and I participated in the Anti-Cruelty Society's annual fundraiser "Bark in the Park" on Saturday, May 5th, and it was so much fun. I was the team captain for our office team, and turns out, we were one of the top fundraising teams at the event, so we were invited to an exclusive Yappy Hour at Chicago's W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive.

The event was so much fun. I brought my boyfriend, John with me, and of course little Kobe. He was able to socialize with other pups there, while we mingled with some people, too.

They had Dr. Sheldon Ruben from ACS speak about pet travel safety tips. The food was good, and the drinks just kept on coming!


Navy Pier

One of the great things about living in the heart of downtown Chicago is that you're in the middle of so many tourist attractions, which means there's a TON to do. This city is also very dog-friendly, so we get to visit many of these places with Kobe!

This past weekend, we walked over to Navy Pier after learning that it was also dog friendly. The weather was gorgeous and we were so busy looking at everything, that I didn't get a chance to take many pictures, BUT this won't be the last time we come here to take more pics with Kobe, so stay tuned!

Kobe was sitting in our guest bedroom staring out at our view, directly at Navy Pier, so we decided why not walk over? :)


Lincoln Park Zoo

Mother's Day weekend was spent walking around Lincoln Park, near the Zoo. Although it was a rainy day, we managed to get some nice pictures :)


Grant Park

Is he not just the cutest? : )


Walk Down Lake Shore Drive

I took the day off of work today, and went for a long walk with Kobe down Lake Shore Dr. The weather was decent, it was like the clouds started to break once we began our walk.
I tried to take as many shots with Kobe, since everything around me just looked so pretty.

How beautiful is this shot with Kobe with the Willis Tower in the background. Love the pop of color with the trolley, too. :) Just a perfect day with my little man.