Memorial Day!

Our Memorial Day consisted of spending time with friends, and having Kobe make some new friends! Luckily the weather has been fantastic! We couldn't have asked for a better way to kick off our summer in the city!

We had a couple of our friends come by on Monday with their cock-a-poo, Sammi. They happened to get Sammi from the same breeder as Kobe, so I guess you can say they're cousins! Sammi is a 2 year old female cock-a-poo, and of course she was as sweet as can be!

They came over in the afternoon, and we went for a walk to Navy Pier where we planned to spend our day.
But not without making a quick stop for some frozen yogurt for the pups (as it was well over 90 degrees!) And they ate it right up as expected :)

On our walk to Navy Pier, we all tried to figure out what we wanted to do once we got there.  Sammi had been on a boat before, but Kobe hadn't, so we thought it'd be a fun idea to take a bout tour over Lake Michigan. Seadog Architectural tours are dog-friendly! It couldn't of worked out more perfect. We bought our tickets and waited in line to get on the boat:

I had to admit I was pretty nervous about having Kobe get on the boat because he had just drank a ton of water and finished his yogurt, so I was afraid he'd get sea sick. 

NOPE! Look at this little guy - as happy as can be!

Once we were done with the tour, mom and dad were pretty happy with the outcome :)

And so was our little guy:

Overall, our Memorial Day was perfect! Hope your day was great as well! 


  1. HaHa - dogs on the Seadog! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Good for you.

    1. Haha - Yes, it was very funny! But it's so nice to have the dog-friendly boat tour option. Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.


  2. Looks like such a fun playdate! Wonderful pictures

    1. Thank you! We had such a wonderful playdate! We cannot wait to do it again! :)