Kaptain Kobe!

We took Kobe out on a friend's boat over the summer, and he had such a fun time!
At one point on the cruise, everyone had to put on life jackets, and we couldn't forget about our Kaptain Kobe! :)))


Wordless Wednesday!

Feed Your Best Friend Better!

I recently wrote about switching up Kobe's food to a Raw Diet, which he initially loved.

Recently, however, he's become very bored with it. We even switched up the different type of proteins, such as duck, geese, & fish, but he just wouldn't eat it. It's pretty transparent that Kobe is a picky eater: he refuses to eat dry kibble & other types of food we've put him on, so I decided to try something completely different!

I have to admit I've never been a fan of basic dog food. I've read about how it's made, and it sounds disgusting. I literally feel bad giving Kobe such bland food, yet I'm eating a healthy / tasty meal.
After a little research, I found this book on Amazon about cooking meals for your dog, using regular food. Of course you'd need to avoid certain foods, but for the most part, veggies & proteins are all allowed! I know it'd be a major effort on my end to cook for Kobe on a regular basis, but he is 100% totally WORTH every single minute spent making his meals.

I bought the book & am super excited to begin making some of the recipes for Kobe.


We'll see how he likes it! Anyone else try something similar?


Happy Father's Day!

Hope you all had a great Father's Day!
Kobe enjoyed spending time with this "dad!"


Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
I think Kobe is still debating what his plans will be for the upcoming weekend...


Raw Diet!

We recently changed Kobe's diet to raw food, and I must say we are HUGE fans for multiple reasons.

Prior to raw food, we were feeding Kobe various brands of dry kibble (Fromm) and Dr. Harvey's fresh food for dogs. For awhile, Kobe really liked Dr. Harvey's, but then I could tell he got really bored with it. He stopped eating it altogether, so we went back to dry kibble, which I could tell he had NO appetite for. Who could blame him? Dry kibble probably tastes like cardboard, if you really think about it. We even tried adding wet canned food to his kibble, but it would upset his stomach.

After a couple recommendations, we decided to make the switch to raw food. It's been about a month, and this is the ONLY food that Kobe eats hungrily. When I set it down, he gobbles it right up. He just LOVES it. We're so happy we made the switch. We get the frozen patties in beef flavor, also surf & turf is a favorite of his.

Here are some helpful links I found online for anyone considering the switch in their pup's diet:



*Do any of you feed your pup a raw diet? If so, what are your thoughts?



Hello fellow pet bloggers!

Springtime is upon us in Chicago, and the warm weather is (very slowly) making us forget about the brutal winter we just endured. It's definitely been a winter for the record books (literally!)

Kobe has been extra playful the last couple days, and I was able to capture one of these adorable moments on camera the other day.

Kobe's toys have a tendency to be ripped apart limb by limb within a matter of days of getting them.

This pic is a clear example, as he's chomping on a ripped leg that once belonged to a witch!