Feed Your Best Friend Better!

I recently wrote about switching up Kobe's food to a Raw Diet, which he initially loved.

Recently, however, he's become very bored with it. We even switched up the different type of proteins, such as duck, geese, & fish, but he just wouldn't eat it. It's pretty transparent that Kobe is a picky eater: he refuses to eat dry kibble & other types of food we've put him on, so I decided to try something completely different!

I have to admit I've never been a fan of basic dog food. I've read about how it's made, and it sounds disgusting. I literally feel bad giving Kobe such bland food, yet I'm eating a healthy / tasty meal.
After a little research, I found this book on Amazon about cooking meals for your dog, using regular food. Of course you'd need to avoid certain foods, but for the most part, veggies & proteins are all allowed! I know it'd be a major effort on my end to cook for Kobe on a regular basis, but he is 100% totally WORTH every single minute spent making his meals.

I bought the book & am super excited to begin making some of the recipes for Kobe.


We'll see how he likes it! Anyone else try something similar?

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