Flashback Friday

Today's Flashback Friday photo was when we lived in Chicago's Lakeshore East Neighborhood a couple years ago. We went to their dog park on a daily basis, usually between 2-3 times, since Kobe loved going there so much. He had a small group of dog friends he'd play with, and they were usually on the same schedule as Kobe was, so we'd run into them almost every time we'd swing by.

We once brought Kobe's favorite toy ball into the park with us, and that was a huge mistake!

Kobe became SO overprotective over his ball; he wouldn't let anyone play with it, and whoever came near it, he'd growl at. (Human or dog!)

Eventually we learned our lesson to discontinue bringing his ball with us to the park because we didn't want Kobe starting fights with anyone!

Has that ever happened to anyone else?


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