Fido to Go - Canine Catering on Wheels!

As if Chicago couldn't get any more dog friendly, we are also the home to this AWESOME doggy ice-cream and "gourmutt" food truck called Fido to Go! They drive around to the city's dog parks, beaches, special events and neighborhoods, and Kobe is a huge fan! I have to admit I'm a huge fan as well, more so for Kobe, but I get excited FOR him because he gets to have their ice cream which I know makes him super happy!

Kobe and I attended another art festival in the West Loop on Tuesday and Fido to Go happened to be there, too! I decided to stock up on some of his favorite items (frozen yogurt and 'rice krispy treats' for dogs) because I wasn't sure when I'd be able to catch up with their truck again. Sure enough, Kobe was completely content with his bacon-cheeseburger flavored frozen yogurt and worked on it for about 30 minutes while I chatted it up with the owners of Fido to Go.

Everything on their menu is nutritious and made by the owners themselves. They're huge animal advocates and dedicated to fundraising and raising awareness for the local shelters. They even cater dog parties and provide treats, cakes, games and a photographer to capture all your pup's moments! If you visit their website you can follow them on Facebook and if you ever happen to be in Chicago, you can meet up with them as they post where they'll be on certain days/times! And who knows...perhaps one day they'll be riding around in a city near you!

Kobe spotted the Fido to Go truck and is ready to get his treats!

You have to wait in line just like everybody else, buddy!

See? Wasn't it worth the wait!? : )

(Taken from Fido to Go's Website @ www.fidotogo.net)


  1. Man, I wish I lived in Chicago!

    Nubbin wiggles,

    1. It's the best :) Maybe you can visit one day!

  2. OK, this is beyond amazing! I can't wait to go with Bosley!

  3. So exciting! A doggy food truck came to Houston but I missed it...maybe next time!

    1. I hope you and Betty have a great weekend!

      Eva and Kobe

  4. i've seen an ice cream truck for dogs but not one that has snacks & treats too! love this idea. wish i was in chicago!
    kobe sure is a cutie!!
    judy & bailey

  5. What an awesome idea! I wish we had something like that down here.