Fountains at Lakeshore East Park

I was inspired by a post from Betty the Bichon about fountains, and I decided to shoot some pictures of these really pretty fountains in the park next to us.

There are about 5 of these fountains on either end of the park, and up until a couple weeks ago when Spring came along, they didn't have the water running. Now that they do, it gives the park a huge makeover!

When it's really hot out, Kobe likes to stick his nose in the water running on the sides! I can't blame him! Thought about doing it myself a few times hehe : )

Super pumped that Summer is just a few short weeks away!


  1. Love the fountains! I would get my nose in there too if I was Kobe!

  2. Very cool park! Kobe looks like he had fun!

    -Erik, Amanda, and Bosley

  3. i love dogs,and your Kobe is really cute.You may want to check out my blog and lets follow each other!!!