Old Town Art Festival!

With summer just around the corner, I'm so excited for Chicago's festival season to kick-off!

This weekend, we went to one of our favorite art festivals, the 38th annual Old Town Wells Street Fair, and we had a great time!

Old Town is located just North of downtown in Chicago. It's considered to be an affluent and historic neighborhood, home to many of Chicago's older, Victorian-era buildings. There's so much to do in Old Town, including different bars and restaurants (many of which are dog-friendly!), and many boutique-style stores for shopping!

We walked up Wells street, ate some good food and looked at all the great artwork!

Kobe enjoyed himself, too. Especially when he'd find pieces of food on the ground that he'd eat right away. Mom and Dad didn't like that part very much!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun . . . now let's back up to that grille and take a good sniff . . . yummy!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy 7 Stanley